Roof Insulation Division

XLPE is widely used in roof and wall insulation of Pre-engineered buildings.Now days all factories shed going for metallic roof, due to metallic roof the temperature inside the premises become very hot and underdeck insulation becomes an important technique to reduce heat flow. It gives comfort cooling to the employees and thus increase the productivity

Highly suitable for following industries

  • PEB
  • Textile mills
  • Airports
  • Warehouses
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial and Poultry sheds
  • Manufacturing units etc

New Shed / Existing Shed / Pre laminated insulated metal roof sheet

Insulation is an important factor to consider when it comes to installing a metal roof. It is such a crucial element because it helps determine how well roofing material conserve energy. Roof metal sheets are constantly exposed to sun and hence reflect, absorb and release heat. Metal roof insulation stabilize the interior temperature and thus helps a building to retain heat in winters and keep cool in summers and also helps in controlling noise

Safari provides you with a insulation solution for your new shed & Existing Shed. We also provide Pre laminated insulated metal roof sheets so as to minimise your efforts for searching for metal roof and insulation separately. The additional cost of insulation is offset in a very short span of period, as the electricity bills are reduced, increased productivity and employee satisfaction
Some of the salient features of Safari XLPE are

  • Safari XLPE meets the requirements of BS476 Part 7 for Class 1 and BS 476 Part 6 for Class O.
  • Material is suitable for temperature range from -40 0C to +115 0C.
  • Safari XPLE has a closed cell structure, thus offering high resistance to water and vapour transmission.
  • Ease of work and provide a smooth finish, lower thickness is required for similar conditions
  • No change in structure due to vibration and jolting.
  • Highly recommended for Clean room application.
  • Can be easily used for vertical and horizontal application.
  • CFC free, environment and user friendly.
  • No wire mesh needed, saves time
  • Can be done on New Shed & Existing Sheds
  • Acoustic properties, effective during heavy rains, hail and extreme wind.

Available in Plain, factory laminated with Aluminium foil, Metpet foil, UV barrier film, & Glass cloth. Material is available in roll form and sheet form.

Our material is available from 3mm thickness onwards and our standard length is 1.2 mtrs. Length and width can be customised as per customer requirement.