Expanded polyethylene (EPE/EP) is polyethyelen based foam, which is light in weight, flexible, resilent and cushioning material. The packaging division offers complete range of products for industries as diverse as packaging, insulation, construction, transport, white goods etc. These are customised manufactured to avoid transit damage like breakage, dent and scratches. Tubings are being made out of these products for HVAC purpose and different products are available.

The product has its own unique features over other packaging material some of them are as follows.

  • Flexible : EPE is highly flexible and does not break or crack easily hence a very good material for packaging.
  • Extremely light weight: Although strong, EPE foam is very light weight, thus making it easy to transport and handle.
  • Thermal Insulation : EPE is a good material low temperature application.
  • Resilient : EPE has a unique ability to return to its original shape after it has been pulled, stretched, pressed, bent etc.
  • Water absorption : EPE has a very negligible water absorption
  • Chemical Resistance : EPE is inert to most of the chemicals.
  • Shock Absorbency : The cell structure of EPE foam makes its able to withstand and absorb high amount of shock or jerks.
  • Resistance to Static : EPE are resistance to static and thus do not attract dust and other tiny particles.
  • Non Toxic and Food safe : EPE foam is non toxic and thus can be used for food packaging. It is also resistant to the growth of microbes an fungi on its surface. It is odourless.
  • Aesthetics : EPE foam can be dyed in a variety of colours

Cushioning and Packaging

Narendera Flexi Pack to take care of breakage, dents, scratches we have developed a wide range of foam products which can be customise as per the needs of the customer. Solution to customers are provided which are effective, innovative and economical.

Keeping an eye on various requirements a continuous improvement in the product quality is done.
Advantages of Safari of EPE foam

EP Foam Thickness Width
Single Layer 2mm -5mm 1500mm
Double Layer 5mm -15mm 1400mm
Sheet for fabrication 15mm -100mm 56” x 80”


EPE foam material in board foam is now widely used in mattresses. We are supplying to all leading mattresses manufacturers.

Sheet for mattresses 15mm-100mm 35” x 75”
35” x 75”
35” x 78”
56’’ x 80”
47” x 72”
70’’ x 72”
70” x 75”
70” x 78”


Extruded EPE foam, are used as Profiles for edge protection. These are generally used for countered edges of furniture ,glass material, high valued items, computers, white goods etc.

We at Safari make sure that all problems are identified and a precise solution is given. A as a part of up gradation we continuously discuss the changing requirements of our clients and try to resolve the same.

Advantage of Safari profiles:

  • Available in different standard shapes and sizes e.g. U profile, L profile, C profile, and G profile etc.
  • Customised shapes/sizes are made on request
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Ease of use

Expansion Joints

Safari has a research and development department which keeps on improving the products keeping in mind the changing requirements thru change in design, reducing cost EPE foam is used in construction for expansion joints for roads, bridges and buildings.

An expansion joint is an assembly designed to hold parts together safely absorbing temperature induced expansion and contraction of building materials. Safari offers a variety of expansion joints to suit a wide range of movement and gaps. Te EPE based expansion joints facilitates in accommodating the displacement and rotation of the concrete structures

Advantages of Safari Expansion Joints

  • Long Life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Water Proof
  • Easy installation

Air bubble

Safari Air bubble film is a transparent flexible packaging and cushioning material made up of polylthene film comprising of small air pockets. The air bubbles are so designed that it forms a pattern which is an excellent packaging and cushioning material for fragile items. These air bubbles are resistance to shocks and abrasion and inherent flexibility gives them a preference over other packaging material. This is perhaps the most cheapest form of packaging material presently available.

This product is widely used for packaging computers, white goods and other consumer durables. This is also a good material for painted surface of components, anti static packaging covers. Multiple layers can be used if required to provide extra level of protection during transit for sensitive products.

Advantages of Safari Air bubble film

  • It is non toxic, dust free, transparent and hygienic
  • Easy to use and can be easily wrapped around the product
  • Moisture resistance
  • Can be recycled
  • Anti static packaging covers
  • Now they are used in Automobile sectors, Pharma, dental, fruits and vegetables packaging, furniture etc.


We at Narendera Flexi Pack are engaged in providing EPE foam tubes. The EPE foam tubes are available in hose forms and are helpful in preserving heat and colling energy. Our EPE foam tubes are avail ble in different diameterers to suit the requirements of the clients. It is normally used in HVAC industry and plumbing industry for insulation purpose.

Advantage of Safari EPE Tubings:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Temperature range -30 0C to 40 0C
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Ease of use