Different Uses In Different Places

Highly suitable for following industries

  • Underdeck insulation in PEBs, textile units, malls, airports etc.
  • Ducting insulation in hospitals, shopping malls, airports, PEBs, IT/ BPO etc.
  • Pipe insulation for split AC tubings, chiller piping, drain pipes, chilled water pipelines etc.
  • Floor insulation in server rooms, data centers, medical & diagnostic centers, and control rooms for petrochemicals
  • Overdeck and wall insulation in commercial buildings, residential buildings, cold storage's etc
  • Other applications: Space fillers, , gymnasium mats, interlocking mats, kids room mats, alphabetical puzzles and many more...
  • Insulation: Industrial refrigeration, cold storage, cold water pipes insulation, AHUs (air handling units), A/C humidification ducts, domestic air conditioners etc.